About Me

I’m a professional web developer, based out of Boston, MA. I work in PHP, Javascript, MySQL, and have been dabbling with technology since I was tall enough to reach the Commodore 64 (Load *.*,8,1 is still muscle memory). From there, I learned BASIC, HTML, CSS, played with Java, .NET, and drowned my brain with Apache.

I enjoy learning, to the point where Zite has cut me off. When not absorbing radiation from a computer monitor, I’m either surrounded by nature or exploring nearby cities. Or just exploring, external stimuli optional.

Update: Currently thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail (NOBO) – if you’re looking for updates on that, click here.


  • Random Artwork

    Some random artwork I've created that I like too much to let disappear forever.
  • Sweetbriar Florist

    A client needed a new website, an easy-to-use interface for maintaining it, and needed it quick.
  • ExactTarget / Salesforce Subscription Centers

    This project involved coding a custom subscription management web app, using only Ampscript - a language that lacks even functions - all while maintaining CAN-SPAM compliance.
  • Ian Fishman Fanclub

    How many actor-comedians does it take to build a website? Apparently just one.
  • CE Pro Newsletter Rebuild

    This unique project required a responsive email design, a Javascript web application, and a simple UI that could be used by anyone - all while keeping the design as flexible as possible
  • Gold Rush!

    My pet project - I had free reign to design and develop an entire mobile game - graphics, architecture, UI, and deployment.

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